Define Your Role In Communities & Cultures That Actively Repair The Planet To Develop Healthy, Futuristic Socio-Economic Paths

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9 min readMar 28, 2022


Author: Jake F. Kelley –––– Editor: Allison Hawkins

Cultural forces, hope and action will spark the bright lights that can help us navigate out of darkness and into the sunlit, blooming future we need.

Culture, education and art are critical to helping humanity learn about planet repair solutions and how to get involved in scaling them up. Overcoming eco-anxiety and a lack of faith in solving the climate crisis requires growing global gardens of communities that share common sustainable purposes and fun, meaningful experiences that benefit the planet. People who actively participate in communities and teams for planet repair can empower us by avoiding challenges like mental health and loneliness. Using the fun forces of entertainment, laughter and diversity, we can achieve a healthier planet and lifestyles by each blossoming together like springtime flowers that share the same soil. We’ll reap many benefits if we join together and merge our journeys in meaningful ways. If we all develop civic courage, excitement and pragmatic optimism, we can easily make transitions to repair the planet. This will make fun flourish and ensure we don’t diminish our resources, well-being and joy.

Learn from the past. Mitigate and adapt to the problematic global and local historical problems we face today. Let’s restore our well-being by learning from our past mistakes and avoiding repeating the same mistakes in the future. Short-term thinking is only suitable for short-term survival, and we need to think about achieving long-term sustainability goals that will serve us now and in the future. Change is challenging. It’s easy to keep the status quo and follow paths of convenience and complacency. We need to collectively rise to the challenge and learn to accept and embrace the need for change. It’s essential to embrace change, especially when times get tough. Meditate and reflect on what you and others both want and need. Recognize and love your ecosystems and yourself, so we can all mobilize and untrash the earth. If we accept change now to develop a better future, the world will be full of bridges and pathways for allowing people to actively (and passively) play roles in sustainability for future economic and societal development.

Every aspect of our lives is, in a sense, a vote for the kind of world we want to live in.” — Frances Moore Lappé

Long-term education, thinking and planning enable healthy systemic change. Sustainable self-determination is about giving people the tools to formulate their special teams, perspectives, skills and cultures for planet repair.

History has taught us time and time again it’s about collective consciousness for interconnectedness that empowers well-being and brighter futures. Let’s work together to develop standards, cultures, networks, leagues and other helpful solutions-oriented systems that create more pathways for future-focused socio-economic development. There are many existing and soon-to-come solutions that are integral to our future profitable, sustainable and long-term strategies, tactics, solutions and leaders — why not be one of them? Power for systemic change comes from tearing down barriers, walls and hurdles in respectful ways and standing up for climate action, human rights/well-being and the war on poverty. Much of climate change action is about those who don’t have the rights and power to protect themselves. Climate change is affecting all living things — let’s speak for those without a voice. Proactively reducing unwanted risks requires embracing changes to make life and the world a better place. We need to work together to find those unique solutions that will best address our different needs. We need individuals from every corner to speak about their circumstances so that they have a voice in the solution.

A fundamental concern for others in our individual and community lives would go a long way in making the world the better place we so passionately dreamt of.” — Nelson Mandela

Being vulnerable helps us do a better job of getting things done efficiently so we can rapidly and companionably make our natural and built ecosystems resilient. To change the world for the better, allocate your thoughts, energy and resources toward the future we all need. Collectively changing the world for the better is about capitalizing on the extraordinarily high potential for planet repair opportunities that exist today and in the years ahead. Let’s try and support and encourage one another rather than criticize. We need to reflect on who we are and the extraordinary things we can accomplish when we put our minds together to responsibly scale-up the necessary solutions.

We’re all capable of seeing the beauty in our world. Allow that beauty to nurture joy, inspiration and motivation for restoring nature.

Scaling up meaningful connections with impactful actions can be significantly advanced by forms of creative expression like art. Art and culture are uniquely capable of bringing people together. Creative expression will be best achieved if we acknowledge the contribution we can all make to achieving a sustainable world. When we see that value in nature through art and artistic expression, perhaps it will help us to value both more. We need a fundamental societal and economic change in what we value and to learn to love what is around us much more. In our future development, we need to encourage a movement away from consumerism and displays of excess toward a celebration of nature and natural beauty. Just as earth is being challenged through climate change, artists have been challenged throughout the pandemic, and we are at risk of losing many of our cultural communities. Why not bring both together to celebrate art and nature and help to inspire a movement of appreciation for the value of both? Let’s choose communities that celebrate our commonalities and differences to learn to love nature and art together.

Look after the land and the land will look after you, destroy the land and it will destroy you.” — Aboriginal Proverb

To care for our land, air and water, we must invest in the self-determination of local people and communities by giving them the tools and support systems to do it themselves. Our path forward has to be one of self-determination and not one of imposed will. We must all play a role in healing our planet. In order to bring forward the innovative solutions we need to heal the planet, we need to support the individuals and innovative teams working on those solutions. Entrepreneurs need the support of others to achieve great things. It gives them the capabilities, risk-taking, confidence and investment to take action and to creatively form ways to advance their future-focused innovations that can help us all heal the planet and help build better futures.

Any active role you play is indispensable — perseverance and encouraging your teammates to keep going can help achieve great things. We all need a cheerleader — especially when the going gets tough.

Each one of us needs to take steps in the same direction to work together as a team and family for our own home, security and joy. This will help us provide more clarity on what we value, why, and how we hope to achieve our goals, all while protecting us and achieving our basic human needs. For us to all win, take the time to reflect on your own message and mission for why planet repair, global peace and equality matter.

Find your own role. What fits you should align with your passions, aspirations and motivations.

Commit to your role by making it a routine. Value your role. There’s an astonishing amount of us today who are ready to connect with each other to do something about our trashed planet, and help stop and reverse climate change. Then, connect with others in your life and share that message. Together we’ll have a blast appreciating and exploring the sustainable, healthy growth of green and blue ecosystems and built environments.

What part can you play? There’s a range of roles to actively participate in ways that will help facilitate planet repair. Our communities focus on helping each other achieve goals. We focus on connecting intrinsic motivation with our planet repair missions and goals through various roles, activities, events and much more. We can all help one another achieve our goals of healing the planet. One significant pathway is making many meaningful relationships with those like friends, mentors, partners that grow your network and human bonds. Music for planet repair can give us the sound that can gather, educate, motivate and connect swarms of humans with memorable experiences and sound waves for our common ground and oceans. We can achieve more planet repair by coming together at events like sustainable #Untrashed festivals. Untrashed festivals can set a new standard for events that only use regenerative resources and circular solutions — helping showcase the best planet repair and untrashing solutions available. The music concerts can provide a venue to gather, educate, motivate and connect groups of people with memorable experiences, laughter and shared joy — all to help planet repair and each other.

Art, education and communities can help us reflect on how to address our challenges, opportunities and solutions for planet repair.

Nature is resilient, but its resilience is not infinite. After hundreds of years of trampling all over nature (i.e., soil, water and atmosphere), we are at a tipping point where nature’s ability to adapt is on the edge of a cliff. It won’t be resilient if we keep up with our harmful behaviors. Watching what we’re doing to nature reflects what we are doing to ourselves. It’s illogical to think that we can bring nature to its tipping point and not also threaten our future well-being, security and quality of life. Nature is a mirror of our own health. The success of nature and our planet is not separate from our own — it’s a reflection. Earth and oceans reflect our health. The soil and water we use reflect our health through our ecosystems, plants and animals. Let’s shape our cultures and forces like art and music to reflect a healthy relationship between humanity and a resilient planet. As one of my favorite U.S. Presidents once said, “A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people” — Franklin D. Roosevelt.


Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do.” — Nelson Mandela

“Education is the point at which we decide whether we love the world enough to assume responsibility for it, and by the same token save it from that ruin which except for renewal, except for the coming of the new and the young, would be inevitable. And education, too, is where we decide whether we love our children enough not to expel them from our world and leave them to their own devices, nor to strike from their hands their chance of undertaking something new, something unforeseen by us, but to prepare them in advance for the task of renewing a common world.” ― Hannah Arendt

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” — Nelson Mandela

Education, if it means anything, should not take people away from the land, but instill in them even more respect for it, because educated people are in a position to understand what is being lost. The future of the planet concerns all of us, and all of us should do what we can to protect it. As I told the foresters, and the women, you don’t need a diploma to plant a tree.” — Wangari Maathai, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Love, by its very nature, is unworldly, and it is for this reason rather than its rarity that it is not only apolitical but antipolitical, perhaps the most powerful of all antipolitical forces.” ― Hannah Arendt



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