Responsibly Repairing Our Hot Planet: Why we need a planetary team to accelerate community-building, standardize planet repair & direct blended finance mechanisms

Hot Planet Repair Team
5 min readFeb 4, 2022

Author: Jake F. Kelley ––– Editor: Allison Hawkins

Consider the future you want and for future generations, such as your children.

To me, it’s clear that it is time to repair the planet and for us to work together for our futures and the future of all generations. If we take a moment to consider what it would be like to be born in the coming decades and to grow up realizing that previous human generations have made earth less secure and more dangerous through the cascading effects of climate change, it becomes obvious that we have a duty to fix the mess we made.

We are already seeing generations of youth that are disappointed at the world they have inherited. They have a right to be disappointed that they will face dangerous weather patterns and natural disasters that occur more often and more violently because of previous generations’ behavior. Humanity needs to work together to reverse all of these climate crises and restore the health and beauty of our planet. Let’s combine the power of mother nature, science, tech, creativity and human potential by scaling up our best eco-industrial tools for climate restoration, circularity and regenerative futures for all.

Imagine someone visiting earth for the first time and recognizing that we have all the planet repair solutions we need, such as financial assets, tech and motivated populations, but have failed to scale them up and are still addicted to dirty waste and hydro-carbons that pollute our air, water and soil. They would likely struggle to understand why many humans are not able to set aside ideological differences and cooperate to achieve the global systemic change we need to repair our planet. If we are able to work now to make alliances that standardize and finance solutions, we can make our planet healthy again and save our relationship with mother nature.

Isolated & Underfunded Islands of Planet Repair

Sustainability stakeholders struggle as unconnected islands that can’t make effective bridges for collaboration, cooperation, and “coopetition”. Unfortunately, there are walls. They often struggle to fundraise/finance enough money and lack the accreditation or levels of trust and legitimacy to be supported by the right stakeholders.

It’s time to connect, facilitate and share the knowledge and practical support needed for effective design, implementation and sustained impact so that we can work together toward our common goal and have a lasting, permanent impact.

Lack of opportunities to build trust.

Trust is essential for all human interaction and systems to function in a healthy way. It’s time for us to start building alliances for the efficient and urgent scaling up of planet repair solutions we need right now and will need in the coming years.

The solutions, finances, assets, resources and prepared stakeholders already exist. Let’s bring them together.

We have so many options for planet repair solutions that are ready for deployment. Human potential, energy and attention have never been so prepared to solve our global and local planet repair problems. We must learn from the past and embrace the forces that can empower us all — especially science, technology, empathy, resilient communities, art, music, entertainment and mother nature’s prowess. We are living through a unique period in history where the potential to move forward quickly and effectively is at an all-time high. Across the globe, highly capable participants from the public, private and civil society levels have combined their forces to scale-up planet repair science, solutions and existing playbooks. We are seeing the normalization of “blended finance” and scaling up planet repair solutions are already resonating with everyone, from investors and multinational corporations to the average citizen. Let’s not waste time competing for human potential and allocation of resources. We can and should work together to start cleaning up the planet. We’ve had a 200-year party, and it’s time to clean it up together.

What is needed: the great re-tooling & standardization of planet repair solutions.

We all need our instructions, user manuals, classes, tutors, books, mentors, demonstrations, training, support, guidance, advice and other forms of knowledge-sharing and education. Planet repair playbooks and implementation support are logical next steps needed to guide us on our heroes’ journeys. We can collectively become a fellowship of willing and capable humans that are courageously advancing our values, freedoms, rights, empathy and well-being. Let’s stand up and sign up for better futures and work together with like-minded people that are equipped with the proper planet repair tools and a dedication to repair our planet. The behavior and moral compasses of every one of us matters because we all have a part to play in cleaning up and repairing the planet. We need to look toward our commonalities rather than our differences and help one another toward a better future.

Let’s start strategically and tactically collaborating to create our Planet Repair Playbooks

Planet Repair Playbooks will provide a common starting point for everyone looking toward a healthy future. Hot Planet Repair Team is providing a way for us to align our goals, work together and build the best possible ecosystem standards. We will take these playbooks and use the ready-to-go innovative financing mechanisms like Sustainable Impact Donor-Advised Funds for technology that will clean up our planet while providing an avenue for global, regional and local connections, partners/allies, trust, communities and openness to help those planetary superheroes achieve success.

Co-benefits of team-building

Over the past two years, the devastating mental health effects of loneliness have been brought to public attention. A healthy planet needs healthy people. We hope that our team will tap into the powers of nature, communities, cultures, values, entertainment, art, mindfulness, awareness and well-being to create a sense of belonging for our members. Join our community and participate in the most significant challenge humanity has ever been faced by helping to clean up its 200-year old party. It’s time to untrash our earth.

Connections — Community-building and HPRT

By joining Hot Planet Repair Team you will have access to new information, perspectives, people, organizations, networks and communities that will empower us to meet this challenge. Alliances are what we need. Let’s enable everyone to have their own hero’s journey and forge their own path towards systemic change alongside communities that respect and encourage each other — and have a lot of fun cleaning up the planet!

Hot Planet Repair Team’s: Values, Mission and Vision. Play your part by donating and/or joining us.



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