Why Now is the Time to Support Creative, Interconnected Communities for Planet Repair

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5 min readMar 10, 2022

Growing Teams by Embracing Solutions & Cultural Forces like Art, Entertainment & Communities

Author: Jake F. Kelley — — Editor: Allison Hawkins

More than ever, we believe it’s stylish for people to care about each other, Mother Nature and our shared home. Let’s creatively be more productive by working together to set aside our differences and restore our healthy relationship with Mother Nature. It’s HPRT’s style to positively advance debates and actions for systemic change that will help impact our ability to win together, while challenging each other in respectful ways. Through positivity, action and encouragement, we can help ensure better futures for everyone.

We need to start now to address the impacts of climate change so that we can repair earth instead of having a scorched earth. For too long, we’ve been kicking the can down the road regarding climate change targets. Successive governments and organizations have failed to meet their commitments, and we are all paying the price now. We’ve come to think of it as a far off problem, instead of the immediate and urgent issue it is. Determining that your children and grandchildren’s future is too far-off to worry about is shortsighted and egotistical. No one needs more insecurity in life — — whether it’s related to economics, climate, food, health, disease, energy or protection from violence. It’s time to wake up again with another renaissance that starts with action. Actionism, not activism, is HPRT’s answer to our problems and how we’ll play a role in humanity’s rebirth with earth.

Join our flock so we can take action together for the greater good. Many of us feel the need to overcome our current and historical waves of global division and suffering, and to build bridges that mend and connect these divides. We need to be dedicated to repairing our planet by taking immediate action to start along the road to healing. Our friendly shepherds will help the community by providing action-oriented campaigns, systems, networking and leagues. Since it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get things done, HPRT concentrates on actionism by creating mechanisms, communities and opportunities for scaling-up planet repair. To actively untrash, we will scale-up with tools, tech, standards, engaging communities and campaigns.

Janitors without Borders, Guided by Moral Compasses

To start cleaning up after our 200-year party, we must accept our role in climate change and our obligation to fix the damage we’ve caused. We hear this often, but it remains true: mistakes help us improve if we accept the mistake and learn from them, so they aren’t repeated. With empathy and remembrance toward our planet, nature and each other, we can become caretaking janitors without borders. Together we can scale up fun communities equipped with tools and mechanisms to connect the great untrashing. Let’s start thinking of earth as our backyard and start our spring cleaning. We can embrace the ingenuity of nature. We and our solutions should creatively utilize nature’s many clever tricks and compound tools to accelerate the great retooling and circularity. The IPCC recently made it strikingly clear decades ago was when we should have seriously started urgently striving for regenerative supply chains and forming circular waste systems.

Nature is resilient, but we need to be part of that resilience. With intelligence and creativity, we can rapidly bring in the adaptations needed to start the incredible clean-up. The right tools, inspiration and culture help us overcome our challenges and differences. Let’s challenge ideas and not people. Along our planet repair journeys, it’s necessary to have integrity and a moral compass so that we head down the path toward sustainability. Let’s look to those who lead by example. We all have our own heroes — think of your hero and take action. Simultaneously, let’s convey these messages while having incredible fun with art, people and community-building. Colonies of ants create advanced societies in naturally astounding ways, such as cultivating fungus and creating sustainable waste systems. Like them, we must constantly recognize and act upon our responsibility to one another in ways that are efficient, responsible and achieve collective holistic success.

Overcoming Shared Challenges with Trust, Teams & Empathy

Many of us these days find it difficult to be empathetic and put ourselves in someone else’s place — whether that be another human or nature itself struggling to survive. We must be mindful, aware and loving to each other in order to succeed. We can avoid enduring ever-more stressful circumstances of survival and unhealthy competition. Improving our behaviors will help get rid of our innate distrust of what we see as different. We are often focused on our own life, struggles, and challenges, but we can turn our thoughts into energy and action that makes a positive change in the world. The flap of a butterfly’s wings in the Himalayas can cause a hurricane in the Caribbean. Our actions matter. They affect our world and, therefore, us. HPRT offers the opportunity to make connections, share stories, art and pathways that can empower the growth of healthy relationships, communities and habits.

Sharing meaningful stories and experiences helps create connections, inspiration and gives people the civic courage they need to embrace the right relationships and habits with other people, places and things. Connecting, directing and navigating through the world’s various ecosystems, networks and other spheres of life can be quite overwhelming, but also beautifully interconnected, complex and intriguing. We all see that the world needs much more stability and long-term systemic changes to make sure we can leave a home and future for the next generation.

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“Diversity is about all of us, and about us having to figure out how to walk through this world together.” — Jacqueline Woodson

“It is not more bigness that should be our goal. We must attempt, rather, to bring people back to the warmth of community, to the worth of individual effort and responsibility, and of individuals working together as a community, to better their lives and their children’s future.” — Robert F. Kennedy

“The golden way is to be friends with the world and to regard the whole human family as one.” — Mahatma Gandhi

“We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their color.” — Maya Angelou



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